University of Michigan Alumni Association


·         Sept 18th, 1992 – Board of Directors of the AAUM approved UMGALAS By-laws

·         UMGALAS established in 1993: started up by Kate O-Brien, Phil Marsh, and David Lieber primarily.

·         First Annual Reunion and organizational meeting of UMGALAS – July 23, 1993

o   During Art Fair at AA

o   60+ attendees

o   Organizing committee: Karen Baker, Phil Marsh, Kate O’Brien, Jayne Thorson, Jim Toy, Ron Fracker

·         Tickets to School of Music production Quilt  â€“ October 23

o   20 attendees

·         Second Annual Reunion  â€“ July 22, 1994

o   Introduction of Jim Toy Scholarship

·         Third Annual Reunion – July 21, 1995

o   Reception at AA, announcement of scholarship recipients, voice performance major to sing

o   Celebration continued afterward at Nectarine Lounge

·         Fourth Annual Reunion (approx. 180 members in UMGALAS at this point) – July 26, 1996

o   Reunion at AAUM followed by closed reception at UM Museum of Art, exhibition entitled “The New American: New Perspectives on Gay Male Relationships.”

·         UM-Flint had interest in creating a UM-Flint Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association in 1996

o   Volunteer was Liz Calhoun (1987)

·         Fifth Annual Reunion (approx. 220 members in UMGALAS) – July 18, 1997