University of Michigan Alumni Association

Scholarship Recipients

Your  UM club here in SW Florida currently sponsor with $1,000 yearly grants 4 seniors, 1 junior and 2 sophomores  who graduated from area highs schools.  At the end of each academic year, we ask them to give us a short recap of their experiences at Michigan to share with our alumni.

Allison Golom – Senior The past year has been an excellent one.  I became more involved in the pre-pharmacy student organization on campus.  I have made life-long friendships through the club and have had an amazing year helping with many of the events put on by the organization.  I also spent time preparing for the PCAT and filling out pharmacy school applications.  I continue to work for the Science Learning Center as a physics study group leader and recently got a job at a Rite-Aid Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.  As always, football games were a blast.  I even got to attend a few basketball and hockey games. Last year’s classes were challenging, and I know this year’s will be as well.  In addition, I am visiting various graduate pharmacy schools; Michigan is my first choice, and I hope to be accepted. Thank you, again, for all the support you have given me as I finish my last undergraduate year.  It means so much that you continue to support me.  As always, GO BLUE!!

Nicole Kaffenberger – Senior Last  year I spent a lot of time volunteering with the Sexual Assault Awareness Center and finally found my area of interest, and it only took 3 years!  This past summer I took what has become one of my favorite classes, Primate Social Behavior.  This past winter I had a developmental biology lab that observed sea urchins, frogs and chickens.  My course of study is Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience.   Sebastian Martinez – Senior This past year has been very exciting for me.  My favorite course was about how to program computer operating systems and how parallel programming works.  Our basketball season was a blast to watch, and it was exhilarating to be at Crisler Arena for it all.  During the summer I was fortunate to have an internship at a computer soft company with fellow wolverines in San Francisco.  It was a great learning experience, and California was a lot of fun to explore.  I am really excited for the upcoming football season with Gardner as quarterback and my senior class project.  GO BLUE!!!

Kathryn C. Wassman – Senior My junior year at Michigan was incredible.  I started the year participating in a program called “Michigan in Washington” where I lived and interned in D.C. for the fall semester.  I interned at Gannett, a media company known for owning newspapers , such as,  USA TODAY, The Detroit Free Press, and our very own Fort Myers News-Press.  I loved D.C.   Apart from my internship, I took classes, including a political journalism class, at the Washington Post.  Some of the highlights of my semester in Washington included reporting on the affirmative action case Fisher v. University of Texas for the Michigan Daily and being at the White House immediately after the election results were announced. While “Michigan in Washington” was unforgettable, second semester was also great.  I became a senior news editor at the Daily in January which was definitely a challenge as far as balancing work and school, but it was worth it.  This summer I interned in New York City with msnbc on “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”  It was an amazing experience, and I learned an indescribable amount.  I’m looking forward to my final year in Ann Arbor.  This fall I’ll continue my role as a senior news editor at the Daily and be a pod captain in Dance Marathon.  I can’t wait for school to start and get back in the Big House!  It’s hard to believe I’ll be graduating in May!  Go Blue!”

Willie Filkowski – Junior Hello, hello!  This summer I participated in the Water Mill Center International Summer Program in Water Mill, New York.  I spent five weeks with people from all over the world to workshop the upcoming projects of the internationally acclaimed theatre director and the Center’s founder, Robert Wilson.  Last April, I worked with two friends to create an original work for theatre,  Who Is Luther Burbank?”  We had four performances at Basement Arts, and we were awarded a grant from Arts@Michigan to support the work.  In May, I performed at Dixon Place in New York City with a company from a class I took in the School of Art & Design.  My professor, Holly Hughes, wrote the play.  Our performance in NY was the first time she’d presented the play in 20 years.  I look forward to getting back to Ann Arbor early this summer to begin rehearsal for a play to open in October, Red Noses.  I was a very busy and incredible first year at Michigan, and I look forward to another this year!  Thanks, again, for your generosity!  Go Blue.

Cyrus Anderson – Sophomore My first year at U-M was good; between hanging out with friends and classes, I still got some sleep.  The classes were challenging but rewarding.  I really applied things I learned in U-M Autonomy (autonomous boat student team).  U-M placed fourth this summer in competition.  Coding for several nights straight and testing the boat during the day in the Virginia sun without sleep is certainly an experience; but having been in competition once, I’m eager to make the next boat come in first. This year I’m also looking forward to taking courses in financial engineering, so the upcoming classes should be even more fun.  I think this year will be good, too.

Jordan Roth Last year was surely one of change as well as new-found inspiration.  College, in that it allowed me freedom to choose what I wanted to learn, was everything I hoped it would be.  My best class, by far,   was  Introductory  Political Science taught by Professor Mika LaVaque-Manty.  He taught something that was supposed to be a “science” in a very abstract and philosophical style; he forced his students to delve deeply into the fabric, reasons and ideologies of our society.  I was able to broaden my horizon using my freshman year to experiment with certain subjects, such as Psychology, which I was interested in but not sure I would want to major in. Besides the academics, I made many friends and connections, as we are told we will inevitable do in college.  All in all, I had a great year and am looking forward to going back to school for the first time in my life.