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Trevor Assaf

2011 scholarship recipient


Trevor AssafTrevor in his own words ...

My name is Trevor Assaf and I am a student in the Engineering School at the University of Michigan. I intend to double major in Computer and Biomedical Engineering. While my interest in biology is fairly nascent, my interest in Computer Science is quite advanced. My first serious computer project involved research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. For five months I was struck by the similarities between the computational and cognitive sciences. This budding computer-brain curiosity blossomed during an internship I conducted at Kno Inc. in Santa Clara. There, I worked on an algorithm to link educational videos to pages in virtual textbooks. This project was exciting because it forced me to quantify my qualitative reasoning. By codifying my own thoughts, I experienced the fusion of program and cognition, catching a glimpse into the hybridization of the two fields. My life’s ambition is to unify these disparate disciplines; I can’t think of a better place to start than the University of Michigan. 


From his scholarship essay:

To Be a Wolverine

Wolverines express their school spirit in many ways. Some lecture their wives for buying yellow instead of maize; others celebrate the resignations of scandalous Buckeyes; yet others spontaneously break into song: Hail to the Victors. The U of M family is a vastly diverse network of people, each communicating their spirit with their own unique voice. Despite this impressive diversity, there is a common form of expression that unites them—community. When I wear the M on my chest I am inundated with the smiles and embraces of fellow Wolverines, excited to share their spirit with me and excited to experience mine. I feel like a thread in a giant quilt; I feel connected. To be a Wolverine is to be a thread in the Michigan quilt—to rejoice in the Michigan family—to express your Michigan spirit by encouraging others to express theirs.

Trevor Assaf

July 14, 2011