University of Michigan Alumni Association

Get Involved

We are always looking to hold more events in the Portland area.  Outside of the Football Game watching parties at the Thirsty Lion Pub, we always need volunteers to hold additional (some-what annual) events like:

  1. Spring Banquet
  2. Admitted Student Reception
  3. Student Send Off
  4. Summer Picnic
  5. Holiday Party
  6. We're always open to new ideas you'd like to pitch!

Some of these events require financing.  We try to stretch our annual funds to hold these events.  We also can promote events that only require a place to meet and a contact person to gather with other Michigan Alumni and friends.  With approximately 2000 people on our email list we can encourage a group to play Euchre at a public park, meet at the Zoo for a family day, or meet after a day of skiing on Mt. Hood.  There are unlimited possibilities with you volunteering to show up and wave the Michigan Flag (not literally)...please contact an officer or board member if you want to come out and play!

Contact us at