University of Michigan Alumni Association

Board of Governors

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The Officers and Board of Governors

2017-2018 Officers

Mary Baumgarten, BA’80, President

Bob Hayes, BGS '02, Vice President

Rick Franczak, BBA'79, Treasurer

Jim Freeman, BSE'07, Secretary

Sally Lorimer, BBA'81, Information Officer


Committee Chairs

Mary Baumgarten, BA'80, Cultural events, Professional/career events 

Ron Braun, BAED'72, Scholarship fundraiser 

Rick Franczak, BBA'79, Freshman sendoff

Josh Holman, BA'05, Young alumni (co-chair)

Lindsay Holman, BS'05, MS'10, DDS'12, Young alumni (co-chair)

Sally Lorimer, BBA'81, Communications 

Dr. Edwin Rennell, DDS'60, Away football game viewing parties

David Rice, BBA'90, Immediate past president 

Colleen Williams, MSW '99, Student scholarships 


To reach any of our officers or committee chairs, please contact us at


Board Members 

Mary Baumgarten, BA'80

Nicole Bender, BA'14

Ron Braun, BAED'72

Rick Franczak, BBA'79

Jim Freeman, BSE'07

Bob Hayes, BGS '02

Josh Holman, BA'05

Lindsay Holman, BS'05, MS'10, DDS'12

Sally Lorimer, BBA'81 

Adam Perry, BA'14, MSW'17 

Richard Potchynok, BA'71

Dr. Edwin Rennell, DDS'60

David Rice, BBA'90

Mahnoush St. Clair, BS'90

Chris Vucinaj, BA'13, MAcc'15 

Tracy Wick, BA '88, MUP '99

Colleen Williams, MSW '99

Jenny Zhang, BA '13


Past Presidents

David Rice, BBA'90, (2015-2017)

Ron Braun, BAED'72, (2013-2015)

Rick Franczak BBA'79 (2012-2013)

Matthew Misiak BA'98, JD'02 (2011-2012)

Sara Zaremski BSE'99, MBA'04 (2010-2011)

Lisa Drouillard BA'84 (2009-2010)

Geoff Brown, BS'97, JD'03 (2007-2009)

Dianne Hersey BA'75, JD'77 (2006-2007)

Dr. Edward Sarkisian, DDS, BS'74 (2005-2006)

Dr. Edwin Rennell, DDS'60 (1993-1994, 2000-2001, 2002-2005)

Dr. Robert Oxley (1999-2000, 2001-2002)

Susan Smith (1998-1999)

Martha L. Nield (1997-1998)

Louis C. LaChance, BSE'66, MBA'68 (1996-1997)

Richard Potchynok BA'71 (1992-1993, 1995-1996)

George W. Bowersox (1994-1995)

James E. Lubinski (1991-1992)

Gregory J. Stempien BA'66 (1990-1991)