University of Michigan Alumni Association

Club Bylaws

All activities of the University  of Michigan Alumni Club of Miami - Fort Lauderdale is governed by our bylaws, in line with our mission statement and executed by our board. The details are listed below.

I.     Mission Statement

  • Provide a forum for expression of camaraderie among area alumni based upon their common interest in the University of Michigan. 
  • Support the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM) pillars of connect, excel, celebrate and give back.
  • Serve as liaison between alumni and current and prospective students of the University.
  • Sponsor educational, cultural, sports, networking and community service events for area alumni.
  • Provide financial support for Michigan students (prospective and/or current) via a Scholarship.

II.     Officers and Standing Committees

 A.   Officers

1.       President

  1. Serve as principal liaison with the University, the Alumni Association and with other organizations.
  2. Preside over officer meetings and serve as board chairman.
  3. Supervise performance of Club officers.
  4. Continuously working on carrying forward the mission statement.
  5. Assist with any open positions on the Board.

 2.       Vice President

  1. Preside over the Board Meetings in the absence (and presence) of the President
  2. Coordinate and lead initiatives to identify and recruit volunteers from outside the Board
  3. Serve as a resource for the Committee Chairs
  4. Participate in associated activities as needed
  5. Step in as President, if current President cannot fulfill his/her role

  3.       Communications Chair

  1. Ensure that all of our social media outlets are updated with new events and newsworthy club items
  2. Have access to listserv (the South Florida e-mail distribution list) for visibility of e-mail recipients
  3. Provide any newsworthy event and/or market an upcoming event via the E-TrueBlue Newsletter
  4. Maintain Onedrive (within the Hotmail account) for important docs, such as onboarding materials, Board working papers, etc.
  5. Take minutes at monthly board meetings.
  6. Supervise annual elections
  7. Produce annual report by way of consolidating annual committee reports.

 4.       Treasurer

  1. Prepare annual budget with assistance of the Board
  2. Receive all funds paid to our local club
  3. Disburse money on properly authorized orders
  4. Prepare a Treasurer’s Report on the status of the Operating and Scholarship Funds for each Board Meeting
  5. Resource for Scholarship Chair and Alumni Student Relations
  6. Complete and submit the Club’s Financial Report for the annual report prior to July 1st to the President of UMCMFL

 5.       Alumni Student Relations Chair

  1. Help coordinate and facilitate a student send-off
  2. Coordinate the Go Blue event for prospective students
  3. Attend college nights at local high schools
  4. Recruit volunteers for the Alumni Association’s Adopt-a-School Program
  5. Contact High School Guidance Counselors within the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area

6.       Sports Chair

  1. Coordinate game-watching events
  2. Plan any sports related outings, such as Tigers, Pistons and/or Red Wings
  3. Keep Board/Alum members informed of any Michigan teams that are coming to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area to play
  4. Plan sporting participation events


7.       Social Chair

  1. Plan, arrange, and coordinate programs, services, and events that are focused on engaging alumni and helping them maintain contact with the club.
  2. Participate in the annual Programs/Planning meeting, scheduled annually in July, where the UMMFL establishes events for the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  3. Work with the Communications Chair to ensure that upcoming events are posted and communicated in a timely manner.
  4. Take pictures at events and send to Communications Chair to post in social media.


8.       Membership Chair

  1. Obtain and distribute membership materials of the AAUM to participants at events.
  2. Ensure that the event attendees are signing up to our sign-on sheet.
  3. Promote the value of alumni membership to the alums
  4. Coordinate and lead initiatives and events designed to reach-out to prospective alumni members in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area.
  5. Keep the club leadership informed about the membership growth statistics and changes in applicable membership requirements.

 9.       Scholarship Chair

  1. Coordinate one scholarship fundraising event within the fiscal year (preferably January-June timeframe).
  2. Create a scholarship program for prospective and/or existing students to apply, be selected and receive a scholarship from the U-M Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Club.
  3. Keep track of Scholarship Funds Account that is housed out of Ann Arbor and report the account balance at Board Meetings.
  4. Ensure that all proceeds from raffles are sent to the Scholarship Account.


10.   Director-at-Large

  1. Regular attendance at Board Meetings in order to know where to assist
  2. Represent diverse interests of the general membership through input at Board Meetings
  3. Assist with at least one activity within the fiscal year


 B. Standing Committees:  All standing committees listed below will support the functions of their respective chairs listed above.

1.       Sports

2.       Social

3.       Membership

4.       Scholarship

5.       Alumni Student Recruitment


III.    Bylaws

  1. The board shall review the bylaws by the December meeting
  2. The proposed bylaws will be presented and voted upon at the February meeting


IV.        Election Procedures

  1. Officers shall be elected for a term of one fiscal year.
  2. The President has a consecutive three year term limit. 
  3. Club members interested in joining the board must submit an election form in April, which will be sent out to the rest of the club by May 5th for online voting. 
  4. Board members interested in retaining officer status may express their interest during election time and continue in their position for up to three years.
  5. Online voting will take place in May and results will be announced in the June Board Meeting. 
  6. Candidates may hold multiple positions.
  7. If there are any open positions remaining on the night of the election announcement, candidates along with board members attending the meeting can vote to fill the open positions among the attendees. 
  8. The elected officers, which includes committee chairs, shall be members of the club and Board of Directors.
  9. Members shall be entitled to vote only on elections, amendment of the bylaws and articles of incorporation or as specifically provided by the officers.             

V.         Responsibilities of Officers and Committee Chairpersons

  1. 80% attendance at regularly scheduled officer meetings.
  2. 25% attendance at Club activities.
  3. Reasonable diligence in fulfilling job description.
  4. Work in conjunction with Vice-President for all scheduling.
  5. Work in conjunction with Treasurerfor all budget-related issues.


IV.             Club Operations

  1. All planning level decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the officers present at regularly scheduled officer meetings.
  2. Each officer and committee chairperson shall prepare a proposed schedule of activities in his/her area of responsibility and proposed budget by the first day of the fiscal year.
  3. At the first meeting of the fiscal year, by a majority vote of the officers present, the Club shall prepare a tentative schedule and budget for the year.
  4. No Club event shall be announced or held without board approval.

V.         Club Calendar

  1. Fiscal Year - July 1 to June 30
  2. Elections Form Due – April
  3. Elections – May
  4. Annual Dinner – including election results– June
  5. Annual Report - June