University of Michigan Alumni Association

Board Leadership

The club is led by a Board of Directors who are elected from the general club membership. Elections are held every May for a one (1) year term. The board works on behalf of the members of the Club.

If you want to know more or to attend meetings, please email the club at or contact one of our officers below. Please also reference our by-laws(1.

For alumni interested in volunteering in the club, please contact the respective chair person(s) below.

2015-2016 Board Members




Brian Seidenberg


Brian Seidenberg




Christina Scheidle


Christina Scheidle

Vice President


Ricardo Carrera



Herman Guevara


Scholarship Committee

  • Gina Smurro -
  • Sharon Snyder -
  • Steve Anderson -  

Sports Committee

  • Jeff Kominsky -
  • Michael Gold -
  • Herman Guevara -

Student-Alumni Relations

  • Julie Harris Nelson -
  • Halley Peters -
  • Natalie Bunting -

Communications, Marketing and Membership Committee

  • Mohan Sha -
  • Brynn Katzen -
  • Michael Gold -
  • Julia Brown -

Events Committee

  • Jamie Isani -
  • Julia Brown -
  • Halley Peters -
  • Natalie Bunting -
  • Jim Snyder -
  • Jason Vaupen -



To view board positions please look at the  Miami-Ft. Lauderdale bylaws (Word doc).

To become involved please fill out Willingness to Serve Form (Word doc).