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UM vs MSU Challenge Blood Drive a Great Success!

While MSU pulled ahead in the final 'favorite school' vote count, the American Red Cross and Living County were winners in the Blood Donation drive held September 3rd at Ciao Amici's in Brighton. Thanks to all who participated!

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Trying to get ahead? Here are a few career resources and tips from the Alumni Association to help you meet your career challenges with confidence.

Would you hire you? Seeing how you sound and look during an interview can give you valuable perspective to prep for the real deal. Check out our relaunched mock interview platform and assessment tool to nail it.


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Give Back. Go Blue. Volunteering can increase your career visibility, provide a way to maintain skills you don't use, or simply give more meaning to your work that you don't get in your day job. Give back as a Career Mentor with the Alumni Association and check out LinkedIn's new volunteer feature.


Hire a Wolverine

Nathaniel Warshay, '84, MA'87, with Community & Home Supports, in Detroit, MI, is looking for a U-M alum to fill the position of Financial Operations and Quality Officer. When we asked Nathaniel, "Why hire a Wolverine?", he replied, "Wolverines are intelligent people who approach tasks and issues not as problems but as challenges."


Your Career Questions Answered

We recently hired a new team member. He's 200% committed, incredibly hard working, and very talented. He's also a perfectionist and who doesn't handle feedback very well. Tips for management?

Sally SchmallSally Schmall, U-M preferred executive and career coach for alumni in the Detroit region, says,

"Consider beginning with complimenting his commitment to excellence and your desire to help him succeed before providing feedback. For example you might say, 'Your desire to give two hundred percent coupled with your drive to do things right is admirable. I want to support your success in this role so I would like to share some feedback. Does this sound like a good idea to you?' By highlighting your intentions coupled with asking his permission to provide constructive feedback he may be better able to hear you and appreciate your suggestions."

Learn more about Sally and get a special member-only rate on executive and career coaching.


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