University of Michigan Alumni Association


During high school, I was very involved in National Charity League (The Magnolias Chapter) and Mu Alpha Theta, and I was honored to attend Texas Bluebonnet Girls State. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and was a National Merit Commended Scholar. Also, at Michigan, I will be a member of the LSA Honors Program! Thank you again to you and to the Houston chapter of the Michigan Alumni Association for selecting me as the recipient of the Mike Baker Memorial Scholarship for 2017. I consider it a great honor and I am very excited to be a Wolverine! Go Blue!

In my freshman year at Michigan, I hope to stay warm. While I am a bit nervous to experience a true winter for the first time, and I definitely want to avoid frostbite, the goal to stay warm means, to me at least, a lot more than it sounds.

Staying warm means being unafraid to ask in-state students for help picking out coats, being unafraid to not already know something. College is all about learning new things, socially and academically, that will be important for the rest of my life, and I want to be open to constantly learning new things and not just acting like “I know, Mom.”

Staying warm means diligently piling on layer after layer to attend class. Every class. The cost of my out-of-state tuition is too high to make skipping worthwhile.

Staying warm means not losing my sense of “Southern hospitality” despite how often I am teased for saying “y’all.” Orientation taught me that this will be very often, but I am proud to be from Texas and it will always be a part of my identity.

Staying warm means feeling the heat of my laptop on my thighs as I finish papers. Hopefully, they will be finished well before the last minute. We’ll see.

Staying warm means not even feeling the cold air as my fellowstudents and I pack ourselves into The Big House to enjoy some high-quality, Harbaugh approved
football. The unbeatable sense of school pride and tradition has already rooted itself deep within me.

Staying warm means not freezing out friends from high school yet not closing myself off from meeting new people. My roommate and I plan to meet new people by keeping our dorm room door open to literally not close ourselves off.

Staying warm means choosing classes for majors that ignite a passion inside me. My goal is to study Statistics and/or Economics because both allow me to look at data and trends that affect our lives and analyze them. If my constant discussion of the logistics behind reality television, my guilty pleasure, is any indication, I love to analyze. And yes, staying warm also means avoiding frostbite.

It truly is great to be a Michigan Wolverine, and I hope that bringing some Houston warmth up north with me makes it even greater.