University of Michigan Alumni Association

Alumni Student Recruitment

The University of Michigan is built on a strong tradition of academic excellence. Alumni volunteers can give back to the University and share their U-M pride and loyalty by encouraging academically talented students to apply to and attend the University.

As an Alumni Student Recruiter, you provide the one-on-one interaction, personal attention and encouragement that can make the difference between a student in your community choosing Michigan or another school. Providing your perspective as a U-M graduate is the most important part of the program. Alumni Student Recruitment not only brings back the nostalgia from your college days, but also helps to keep the future Leaders and Best at U-M.

Following are the goals of the Alumni Student Recruitment program:

  • To increase the number of highly competitive and qualified students considering U-M at the undergraduate level and to increase the percentage of admitted students who enroll
  • To provide a local information source for inquiring students, applicants, admitted and enrolled students, and their families
  • To provide regional assistance to the U-M admissions staff

If you are interested in volunteering to recruit the next generation of Wolverines, contact Phyllis Taylor at or 734.764.2316 or apply online.