University of Michigan Alumni Association

Brooks and Nancy Wheeler Scholarship

Comments taken from a speech given by Herb Weller on the naming of the club scholarship in honor of Nancy and Brooks Wheeler at the Annual Dinner May 2013:

They cared about people. Look at their commitment to the U of M Club and it’s efforts to make it possible for so many young people to be able to study in Ann Arbor. They were honest. They told you what they thought, no holds barred. And they were both, I believe, honest with themselves about their health – they knew what was in store for Nancy with the Parkinson's and faced it squarely. But they could not have foreseen Brooks’ untimely and tragic death late 2008. They had a wonderful sense of humor and always enjoyed a good joke. They were models of steadfast love for each other. They were unfailing supporters of the University of Michigan and for all it stands.



Michelle Bakker, (Holland High School) Alina Chau, (Holland High School) Daniel Rebhan, (Zeeland East High School) Meaghan Schiffler, (West Ottawa High School) Lauren Westendorp (Holland Christian High School)


Emma Costello (Holland High School) Ryan Kuessel (West Ottawa High School) Samantha Lemmen (Holland Christian High School) Caleb Voetberg ( Zeeland East High Schoool) Brandon Yik (Zeeland West High School)


Emma DeJonge (Holland High School) Joshua Franz (Holland Christian High School) Brad Hekman (Holland Christian High School) Sara Knutson (Black River Public School) Danielle Schmidt (West Ottawa High School)


Charles Matrosic (West Ottawa High School) David Moore, (Holland High School) Hope Mylnarek (Holland Christian High School) Tessa Perez (Black River Public School)