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Scholarship Fund donations are welcomed at any time.  All donations (minimum of $25 per club member) should be sent to our treasurer, Lee Chase (78 Governors Road, Hilton Head, SC 29928). Additional donations are welcomed and appreciated!  Make checks payable to "The University of Michigan" with a notation on the memo line "Scholarship Fund - U of M Club of Hilton Head|Beaufort County."  Many thanks for your support!

The Club is working with its seven adopted area high schools and the University's admissions department in an effort to interest qualified students in the University.

The Club's current scholarship recipients are Sara Wilson, a 2012 graduate of the Governors School for Science and Mathematics; and Rohan Desai, a 2013 graduate of Beaufort High School. Rohan is a member of the U of M Honors College and Sara participates in the Residential College. Catherine Zhu graduated in June 2015.

 Catherine Zhu


CATHERINE ZHU, June 2015 graduate
See Catherine's video

Catherine graduated from the University of Michigan Honors College and is training and working as a medical scribe at the University of Michigan hospital while applying to medical school.  She will continue to scribe and get clinical exposure next year in preparation for med school.






SARA WILSON, Governors School for Science and Math

Hi, all. Thank you for your continuing support. I can't believe it, but I'm already a junior. I'm majoring in International Studies, with a focus on global health and environment. I don't know what I want to do with that except I want a career with a global impact. In the back of my mind I would love to work for Doctors without Borders, but I'm still deciding if medical school is the right path for me. For a while I wanted to do health research, but I had a job in that with the University this summer and I did not enjoy it. So right now I'm back at the drawing board.

My best part of sophomore year (besides being the first to live in the newly renovated East Quad!) was actually my job. I was a tutor with America Reads. I would go to Detroit twice a week and tutor first graders. I realized I want to work with children in the future. This year my class schedule conflicted with America Reads, but I am still going to the same elementary school once a week through Detroit Partnership.

I have recently decided that I am taking next semester off. I will not take any classes but stay in Ann Arbor and work full time. This might sound like bad news, but I am looking forward to have some time to figure out what I want.

That's all I have for now. Thank you Alumni Association for your donations. I was just with my extended family at Thanksgiving, and none of them have college degrees. I know despite all of the stress it can bring me I am very lucky to be here, and I am very grateful.


ROHAN DESAI, Beaufort High School
See Rohan's video

Rohan is pictured above, with a friend in East Quad

The following is an update by Rohan in his junior year at U of M:

Just an update on my time here at the university – I am finishing up my first semester as a sophomore and time really is sailing by. I have declared as a Biophysics major and an Astrophysics minor and am still on the pre-med track, so things are starting to get very busy for me here in Ann Arbor. I am starting to think about taking the MCAT as well, I know it is still a while away but I feel it is never too early to start studying, or at least start getting in the right mindset for it. Since I still plan on writing a senior thesis to graduate with honors, I have gotten involved in some research which will start next semester. I will be investigating how altering lipid properties affect cell membranes and hopefully I will be able to publish my work before I graduate. I have also joined the sailing team and the biophysics club, although it is already too cold up here for me to go out sailing. In addition, I have signed off on a lease for my first house with a couple of my friends and starting May I will truly be living alone. Because I have a place to stay, I will likely be staying in Ann Arbor for at least part of the summer, so I can devote more time to my research. As always, I would like to thank the Alumni Club in their support of me attending this great university. The opportunities I have over here are unparalleled and I would not be able to attend without the financial support of the club, which is why I encourage continued donations to the scholarship fund so future prospective students can have the same chance that I have.