University of Michigan Alumni Association
The U of M Club of Grand Traverse has been allotted a block of 50 game tickets to the University of Michigan vs Minnesota game on 11/4/17. Interested in purchasing? Deadline is 9/15 - see info below.  
Here is some background on the club ticket program — 
From Will Dorchak, our liaison at the Alumni Association: 
AGAIN THIS YEAR attendees will first have to pre-register to confirm membership in the Alumni Association.  This will assist us in achieving our goals in regards to the value of AAUM membership.  Please note that if someone is going to purchase 4 tickets, they only need to pre-register 1 time and the others that they are bringing to the game do not need to pre-register. They do not need to indicate how many tickets they need when they pre-register or enter the names of those attending.  The person who actually purchases the tickets needs to be a member. 
That information is to familiarize ourselves with the process once we have a list of who is requesting the tickets from our local Club's membership.  We have to work locally first, then once the tickets are spoken for, or we run out of time, we will take the next step in contacting everybody to give further instructions about how to actually pre-register for the tickets.  
The deadline to reserve your tickets with the Club is September 15th.  
Sounds complicated, right?   Well, that is where I come in.  I will handle creating the list and allocating the tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Therefore, send the following information to me at your earliest opportunity: 
  • Your Name
  • Do you currently have an active membership with the Alumni Association (not required). Yes / No
    • If Yes, do you know your login? 
    • If No, a member of the local Club will help with your ticket purchase
  • How many tickets would you like to reserve for the Minnesota Game? 
    • If more than 1, please list the names of those planning to attend
  • Optional, but recommended:  Phone Number
Send me your information and I will add you to the list.  You will receive a reply from me directly to confirm your request.  
Go Blue!
Deward R. Knapp, MBA
B.S. Architecture - CAUP 1998
Vice President | UofM Club of Grand Traverse