University of Michigan Alumni Association

Club Leadership

Board of Directors

Pursuant to its Articles of Association and Bylaws, UMCGC is led by a Board of Directors elected from the general club membership each spring. The Board is separated into committees, including programming, students and scholarships, and marketing. UMCGC’s directors for the 2017-18 year are:

  • Alan Moy
  • Dustin Tsap
  • Ilana Black
  • Jennifer DeGeus
  • Kara Horsley
  • Lynda Myszkowski
  • Michael Weinberg
  • Nikki Little
  • Ping Guo
  • Steven Tamaroglio
  • Chris Mather
  • Emma Sadikovich
  • Jeff Piell
  • Jesse Hyde
  • Kelly Finzer
  • Mary Randolph Dale
  • Michelle Mirzoian
  • Patricia Theokas
  • Robynn Leidig
  • Tania Yusaf
  • Desiree Lauricella
  • Erica Nedelman
  • Jeff Lieberman
  • Joe Holberg
  • Leslie Henstock
  • Michael Chropowicz
  • Neil DiMarco
  • Phillip Zinda
  • Sharan Shokar
  • Themistocles Frangos

Club Officers

UMCGC’s officers for 2017-18:

  • President: Chris Mather
  • Vice President: Desiree Lauricella
  • Secretary: Nikki Little
  • Treasurer: Dustin Tsap
  • Immediate Past President:  Ilana Black

Committee Chairs

UMCGC’s current committee chairs are:

  • Marketing: Jennifer DeGeus & Nikki Little
  • Community Service:  Robynn Leidig
  • Cultural:  Kara Horsley
  • Membership:  Desiree Lauricella
  • Networking: Jesse Hyde & Steven Tamaroglio
  • Scholarship: Michael Weinberg & Phillip Zinda
  • Club Council: Jeff Piell

If you are interested in learning more about sitting on UMCGC’s Board of Directors, please email us at