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What is The Pam Davis Spirit of Michigan Award?

The University of Michigan Alumni Cheerleaders Association has established an annual cheerleading award and monetary scholarship in memory of Pam Davis.  It is called The Pam Davis Spirit of Michigan Award.  Pam was a cheerleader at the Univeristy of Michigan from 1972-1974, a long time president of the U of M Alumni Cheerleaders Association and a devoted U of M sports fan.  Sadly, she passed away from cancer in December of 2009.

 Who receives this award?

This award is given annually to one or more current U of M Varsity cheerleader(s) that best represents Pam's enthusiasm and dedication to The University of Michigan ahtletes and sports programs as an Alumni Cheerleader.

(Greg Shaver, Josiah Ault, CeCe Huddleston, Melissa Walcott)

2015 Pam Davis Scholarship Recipients

How can I contribute?

Please show your support for this Scholarship Fund. We greatly appreciate all of your contributions.  Please use one of the following payment options if you would like to make a contribution in Pam's memory:



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