University of Michigan Alumni Association

We are asking for your interest in obtaining a University of Michigan custom vehicle license plate from the State of Georgia. We are only gauging interest at this time and are not asking for a payment or contribution now.

We will need people to express interest in buying about 1,000 plates before we can proceed.

Here's how the process would work:

  1. Sufficient interest is expressed by the public.
  2. A design is submitted for approval by the State of Georgia and the University of Michigan.
  3. Payments are requested from the public and those who have expressed interest. You will be asked to pay $25 per plate at this time.
  4. Payment ($25,000) is made to the state to begin manufacturing.
  5. When manufacturing is complete and the tags are available, you would will receive a certificate you can take to the tag office to obtain the plate.

Note the $25 manufacturing fee is a one-time fee, however the state assesses a $35 fee per year for speciality plates like this. You will pay the specialty plate fee of $35 every year in addition to the normal tag costs.

The design shown is a concept and may not be the final design.

To express your interest, complete this form: