University of Michigan Alumni Association

Alumnae Council Contacts

Executive Committee

Chair - Cerise Rustin Tounsel (Detroit)
Vice Chair - Elizabeth Bishop (Ann Arbor-Sink)
Recording Secretary - Dawn Dodge (unaffiliated)
Corresponding Secretary - Diane Hummel (Grand Rapids Federation)
Treasurer - Lea Goodsell (unaffiliated)
Nominating Chair - Edi Bletcher (unaffiliated)


Governing Board Members Elected at Large

Mary Appelt (Grand Rapids Federation) mmappelt@umich
Grace Bacon (Ann Arbor-Waterman)
Jocelyn Bennett (Detroit)
Edi Bletcher (unaffiliated)
Nancy Breithart (Birmingham)
Anna Marie Ferguson (Detroit)
Adele Karas (Flint)
Sondra Loucks Wilson (Grand Rapids Federation)
Marilynn J. Magoon (Detroit)
Linda Moragne (Detroit)
Elaine O'Brien (Oakland County)
Shirleyanne K. Schlang (Detroit)
Linda Severin (unaffiliated)
Janice Stephens (Ann Arbor - Sink)
Judy Waterston (unaffilated)
Roberta Zald (unaffiliated)


Representatives to the Michigan League Board of Governors

Barbara Balbach (Ann Arbor-Waterman)  
Charlene Mosher Herstein (unaffiliated)       
Lois Stenger (Ann Arbor-Waterman)


Representatives to the Henderson House Board of Governors

Jean McCarthy Rogers (unaffiliated)
Edi Bletcher (unaffiliated)
Lea Goodsell (unaffiliated)
Helen Hill (unaffiliated)
Barbara Marcus (Grand Rapids Federation)
Carolyn Siebers (unaffiliated)
Leesa Tobin (unaffiliated)
Linda Troesch (Ann Arbor-Waterman)



Archivist - Val Bullen (Jackson)
Chair, Henderson House Board - Barb Marcus (Grand Rapids Federation)


How you can get involved:

Membership in the Alumnae Council is open to everyone who supports our mission; men or women, alumni of the University of Michigan or not. To receive our meeting notices send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to Lea Goodsell:

To find out more about an alumnae club in your area, contact its president or membership chair listed below:

Ann Arbor–Sink Group – President, Betty Doman
Ann Arbor-Waterman Group – President, Carolyn Tyson; Membership Chair, Bonnie Reece
Birmingham – President, Ruth Porter
Detroit – President, Dr. Helen Clay-Spotser; Membership Chair, Cerise Tounsel
Flint – President, Adele Karas
Grand Rapids Federation – President, Jade VanderVelde
Lansing – President, Traceen Pasteur
Saginaw – President, Teresa Borowski