University of Michigan Alumni Association

Alumnae Council Contacts

Executive Committee

Chair - Kendall Flowers (Ann Arbor-Sink)
Vice Chair - Wendy Urquhart (Ann Arbor-Conger)
Recording Secretary - Dawn Dodge (unaffiliated)
Corresponding Secretary - Mary Kinley (Ann Arbor-Waterman)
Treasurer - Lea Goodsell (unaffiliated)
Nominating Chair - Edi Bletcher (unaffiliated)


Governing Board Members Elected at Large

Mary Appelt (Grand Rapids Federation)
Grace Bacon (Ann Arbor-Waterman)
Elizabeth Bishop (Ann Arbor-Sink)
Edi Bletcher (unaffiliated)
Nancy Breithart (Birmingham)
Anna Marie Ferguson (Detroit)
Diane Hummel (Grand Rapids Federation)
Millie Irwin (Ann Arbor-Waterman)
Sondra Loucks Wilson (Grand Rapids Federation)
Linda Moragne (Detroit)
Elaine O'Brien (Oakland County)
Christina Pechette (unaffiliated)
Janice Stephens (Ann Arbor - Sink)
Shirleyanne K. Schlang (Detroit)
Carol Tierney (Birmingham)


Representatives to the Michigan League Board of Governors

Barbara Balbach (Ann Arbor-Waterman)  
Mary Kinley (Ann Arbor-Waterman)        
Lois Stenger (Ann Arbor-Waterman)


Representatives to the Henderson House Board of Governors

Grace Bacon (Ann Arbor-Waterman)
Edi Bletcher (unaffiliated)
Lea Goodsell (unaffiliated)
Helen Hill (unaffiliated)
Barbara Marcus (Grand Rapids Federation)
Carolyn Siebers (unaffiliated)
Leesa Tobin (unaffiliated)
Linda Troesch (Ann Arbor-Waterman)



Archivist - Val Bullen (Jackson)
Chair, Henderson House Board - Barb Marcus (Grand Rapids Federation)


How you can get involved:

Membership in the Alumnae Council is open to everyone who supports our mission; men or women, alumni of the University of Michigan or not. To receive our meeting notices send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to Lea Goodsell:

To find out more about an alumnae club in your area, contact its president or membership chair listed below:

Ann Arbor–Sink Group – President, Peg Eibler
Ann Arbor-Waterman Group – President, Carolyn Tyson; Membership Chair, Bonnie Reece
Birmingham – President, Ruth Porter
Detroit – President, Dr. Helen Clay-Spotser; Membership Chair, Cerise Tounsel
Flint – President, Adele Karas
Grand Rapids Federation – President, Jade VanderVelde
Lansing – President, Traceen Pasteur
Saginaw – President, Teresa Borowski