University of Michigan Alumni Association

Welcome to the Alumnae Council, the association of women graduates of the University of Michigan. The Alumnae Council is one of several affiliate organizations of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. Established in 1917, it is made up of interested individuals and members of 13 active alumnae clubs. Members raise money for scholarships to worthy students, promote the University in their communities, encourage outstanding students to attend the University, and promote the interest of women in the University community, including the Alumni Association. The Council enhances the University community through its various programs such as The Birthday Greeting and Athena Award, and by giving student scholarships. Last year, the Council awarded over $350,000 to various programs and scholars on the Ann Arbor campus. And, we have a program to honor our own hard-working volunteers through Service Citation awards.

The Alumnae Council is managed by an elected executive committee and governing board. Elections are held at the spring meeting each year. To view our current board, see the Alumnae Council Contacts page. Membership in the Council is open to everyone who supports our mission--men or women, alumni of the University of Michigan or not. To get involved, please contact the Alumnae Council Chair, Kendall Flowers at "Like" the Alumnae Council on Facebook and stay up-to-date on plans for celebrating its 100th anniversary.